- My's artistic success implies that the most important thing about portrait photography is an interest in your subject.


The difference between a good portrait photo and an amazing portrait photo comes down to artistic sensitivity and the ability of evoking and capturing a unique moment. Understanding and connecting with whoever I am photographing is essential, and my photography is immensely influenced by who is standing in front of my lens.


There are very few people on this planet, who feel fully confident in front of the camera. This is mostly because we often see ourselves in badly composed or poorly lit photographs. Portrait photograph is an image of who we really are, empowered by the skills of the photographer. Taking a photo is easy, but creating a soulful image that relates to a person is an art.


Editing photographs was always something that I truly enjoy. For me capturing an image is just a first step. Post processing is, or should be, an equally creative process. I love refining my photography art, giving it my personal touch, imbuing them with the emotions linked to the photoshoot. High end portrait photo editing is very much like painting. Via adjusting tones, color corrections, smoothing shadows, creating pleasing gradations, healing or enhancing textures, manipulating with light and even composition and more. It is a delicate process that requires great sensitivity, artistic vision, and patience.


- Lena Zeykatz Photography -