A beautiful portrait starts with the perfect lighting, expression and composition. When you skilfully combine all of these elements you are left with the most beautiful portrait photography that is striking, emotive and quite simply breath-taking. Regardless of your age, marital status or other factors, you can have a portrait session that will perfectly capture who you are and how you are thinking and feeling. Whether through a smile, a laugh, a tear or any other emotion, my goal is to bring out your personality, masterfully capturing your expression, character and mood in the most expert and skilled way.

Through my portrait photography I can powerfully capture these elements through the lens of my camera. My goal is to leave you with a collection of photographs that you are proud of: photos that provide an eternal window into the eyes of your soul.

When I am shooting a portrait photography session I look deep into the eyes of the model, searching for the story behind those eyes. Every face, every pair of lips, every pair of eyes will always tell a story and it is my mission to bring out that story from within and frame it, to show it to you in a form that you will treasure for a lifetime.





Each and every one of my beautiful portrait sessions is comfortable, fun and enjoyable. I structure each shoot based on your individual preferences and desires while also taking advantage of the sun’s natural light to add richness and softness to the images. 

Portraits by Lena Zeykatz Photography


- Some people are afraid to have portrait photography sessions due to the mistaken belief that they are not photogenic, perhaps as a result of a bad experience they might have had in the past. I am not just a photographer – I am also an excellent listener. I know how to listen to and understand your requests, carefully putting them practice during your session to ensure you are left with an end result that you are absolutely delighted with. This is why my portrait photography is so unique, powerful and captivating.

In 2017 year I'm the winner * International portrait photography contest * portrait photo awards *